English follows Japanese 私たちは静岡県牧之原市のお茶農家です 駄農園のお茶は自家栽培の茶葉100%使用しています 私たちは皆様にお茶を飲んで幸せになってもらいたいと考えています お茶は私たちの日常生活から切り離すことは出来ません だからこそ毎日飲んでも飲み飽きることなく、体にすんなりと入る、 体が求めるお茶作りを目指しています 自家栽培の茶葉から、特蒸し茶・釜炒り茶・紅茶・ほうじ茶など 様々なお茶を製造しています 静岡県のほぼ真ん中にある牧之原台地 私たちの農園はそこにあります 牧之原台地の中でもかなり標高の高い場所、標高約190mです 天気が良ければ遠くに富士山や駿河湾や伊豆半島を眺めることが出来ます 雨が降るとすぐに霧が出てあたり一面真っ白になり、真夏でも朝夕は涼しく過ごせます 秋の夜長には鈴虫やコオロギが賑やかに鳴いている穏やかな地域です Our tea is made of 100% home-grown tea leaves. We hope that our tea makes you all happy. Tea is an essential part of our daily lives, so we aim to produce tea that could be accepted by your body easily and enjoyed again and again. We process our home-made tea leaves into various types of tea such as deep steamed tea, pan-fired tea, black tea, and roasted green tea. The Makinohara field, where our tea leaves are grown, is located almost right in the middle of Shizuoka prefecture. Our tea farm is located at an altitude of about 190m, which is quite high in the Makinohara field. When it is sunny, you can view Mt. Fuji, Suruga Bay and the Izu Peninsula. When it rains, it quickly gets foggy and clouds the area in white mist. Even during the middle of summer, you feel cool in the morning and the evening. It is a very relaxing, calm area where crickets sing happily in the autumn evenings.