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【d-1】 駄農園ほうじ茶 2022 リーフタイプ




English follows Japanese 駄農園 ほうじ茶 釜で手で炒ったほうじ茶 釜の香ばしい香り 口当たり柔らかくほんのりした甘さ 湯のみに注ぐとパッとひろがる香ばしい香り ほうじ茶チャイなども美味しく作れます Danouen Hojicha (Roasted Tea) Hojicha is usually made using a roasting machine. We roast leaves by hand in a pan. Our hojicha has a nice roasting aroma caused by the pan and soft, pleasant sweetness. The relaxing scent spreads nicely from the cup after pouring hot water. Also enjoyed as “Hojicha chai” or “latte” by adding milk and sugar 生産年 2022.09.04 賞味期限 2023.09.30 内容量 70g お茶の保存方法 未開封の場合、高温多湿・日の当たる場所は避けて冷暗所に保存して下さい。 開封後は賞味期限に関わらず、お早めにお召し上がりください。 開封後のパッケージは缶やチャック式の袋で保存してください。 How To Store Store in a cool,dry place away from sunlight until opened. After opening,store the tea in a sealed,air-tight container or plastic bag. Once opened,the tea begins to lose its freshness before the expiration date,so please enjoy as soon as possible.